Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Nocturnal Overlord, a member of Crimson Moon and sever other bands, is the sole member behind this only release by his side project, Nibiru. In real terms, Nibiru is also known as the infamous "Planet X" referred to in the esoteric world as a planet / mass that will be resonsible for some sort of doomsday scenario in the future. In musical terms, Nibiru plays entirely instrumental occult black metal, with some ambient and symphonic elements, lyrics ranging from mythology, magick, science, space, and the astral realm. Highlights on this album are The Tablets of Destiny, and Beneath the Seas of Mattaru, for me personally anyways. I can foresee some (elitist) metal heads not being able to get into this album because of the synthesizers, I'm not a fan for overly symphonic music myself anyways, regardless Nocturnal Overlord has some really great moments on this album that at least a few may find enjoy or find some interest in.

1. Rebellion
2. Leader of the Minions
3. Against the Sons of Iniquity
4. The Son of Magick
5. The Disc of Power
6. The Tablets of Destiny
7. The Gate of ABSU
8. Beneath the Seas of Nar Mattaru

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