Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somber Deathwinds

Morthond is a one man black metal project handled by a figure known as Thorstadt, located here in the U.S., formed in 2001 this is his first full length from 2002 entitled Somber Deathwinds. Contrary to the majority of what I choose to post here on the blog, Morthond revolves lyrically around paganism and depression, yet the music featured on here is very suitable to the tastes of Nacht und Nebel. This is one of those bands that ride the fine line between black metal and depressive black metal in a way that is as adequate as it is appropriate. Originally I heard the title track "Somber Deathwinds" from the 2003 Empire of Hate/Morthond split, from which at that point I was sold, so I traced the bands steps backwards to discover this. The quality from the split is much more lo-fi, surprisingly, than this full length as the production is fairly clear. To me this is all about the title track, it's very catchy and simply beautiful to my ears... This release will be particularly favored over the black metal community whom enjoy tasting despair...

1. Prelude
2. Somber Deathwinds
3. The Wandering Apparition
4. Descending...
5. Lost in the Fog of Dissonance

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà

Surprisingly this is my first Moëvöt post thus far, and for those unfamiliar to the name Moëvöt or even the French black metal circle known as the Les Legions Noires, I bring you Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà. When it comes to Moëvöt you realize that not only is this an acquired dark taste but people either consider this to be one of an extreme, it either comes off as scary to some, dumb to others, crazy to few, and genius to the initiated... I happen to be the ladder. This particular demo tape was released December 11th of 1994, also referred to as "The Coma Tapes", there is also a 24 track version of this album (both of which are included). In my opinion you can't really go wrong with Moëvöt, and once you become familiar with his style, aesthetic, and approach, you will come to hunt down all of his demos. Yet with that said, if I were to make an initial sort of first impression on anyone dealing with Moëvöt, I am immediately finding myself leaning more towards this release than any other. There are some really amazing moments here, some of these songs are just pure gems. I absolutely and highly recommend at least giving The Coma Tapes a chance, this is the occult.

1. Der Glockenturm I
2. Reflexion/Abjuration
3. Yatr Mazagvatre Erbbedrez
4. Fin De Nuit
5. Tagesanbruch
6. Larmes Crepusculaires
7. Die Dämmerung
8. Yatr Vazbagraehbbe
9. Brumes
10. Nie
11. Der Glockenturm II

Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Nortt released this particular demo in October of 1998, Døden is slightly different than the average Nortt album, the main reason being the vocals featured here are whispered throughout and never does he exceed beyond this point. Furthermore, the production of this demo has a unique sort of dryness to it that is both hypnotizing as well utterly lifeless. Nortt is handled by one man, a Mr. Nortt from Denmark, perfecting his self proclaimed style of "pure depressive black funeral doom metal" throughout the years. The three bleak songs here, excluding the synth introduction, paint a bleak portrait of a dead landscape littered with tombstones in the autumn cold. In my personal opinion I give credit to Nortt for his sheer ability to drain the listener of all vitality and energy as opposed to the opposite. The time period this took place in, as well as the pure necrotic haze this demo offers, is reason enough for me to suggest this...

1. Dødens Indtræden
2. Døden...
3. Intethedens Morke
4. Evig Hvile


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Demo 1996

I first posted Bekhira in March with their last full length from 2005, I now return in August to introduce their original demo from 1996 to this blog. French black metal tends to have a certain style or specific aura to it and this demo is a perfect example of how well black metal can age, like some fine blood red wine. This to me showcases most of what I want to hear in black metal as it is absolutely brimming with Satanic spirit and determination, all the while pulsing with a melodic but glorious hatred. Keeping this a fairly short post I'll merely say that I highly recommend getting this demo and allowing it to rise within you so that it may stoke the fires of Hell.

1. The Grand Evil Spirit
2. Utopian Millennium
3. The Hunt of the Garwells
4. Gas the Christ

Demo '96