Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Genevieve is one of those albums that has and will continue to stand the test of time for years to come. Velvet Cacoon is one of the more ambiguous and mysterious U.S. black metal bands that has been creating controversy and rumors, so many so and for so long, that tracking their history and getting into those details may become confusing when separating fact from fiction. Beyond all of the confusion and unnecessary personal details we eventually find the core of Velvet Cacoon as two beings based in Portland that go by the name Josh and Angela. Listening to Velvet Cacoon can be addicting, which is fitting considering their lyrical themes and overall intention is to create a drug induced atmosphere. With lyrical themes consistently being drug trips, the inspiration here is to create the matrix in which to get lost in during ones next plateau, and out of all of the bands going with this approach Velvet Cacoon has held the torch for some time now and with a horde of imitators following behind at that. I had to post this album, no this isn't new and no this isn't necessarily underground anymore, per say, but it holds a place in my heart that is full of nostalgia and brimming with empathy for the tones portrayed here. Josh has been known to say that Velvet Cacoon is an example of what happens to someone who does too many drugs, they have an album previous to this named Dextronaut, named after the drug Dextromethorphan which is found in cough medicines such as Robitussin maximum strength. Not to drag this on, but there isn't a bad song on this album, it is one of those albums you have to play from the beginning and allow it to consume you. I've said it out loud that if I ever had a daughter I would shamelessly be willing to name her Genevieve, listen to the song Genevieve and maybe you will get a glimpse at just why. This could be on my top ten list of black metal albums if there ever were such a thing, so without further adieu, please listen to Genevieve.

1. 1
2. P.S. Nautical
3. Avalon Polo
4. Laudanum
5. Fauna & Flora
6. Genevieve
7. Bete Noir

Caduceus Chalice

The entire time that I was basking in the solitude that only the North can provide, what was I listening to during my wanderings ? Moon. If someone were to literally ask me what black metal sounds like, assuming they have no expectations whatsoever, I could very well play a track by Moon to simply portray how I feel black metal is "supposed" to sound. Caduceus Chalice is the latest release for this Australian occultist, and in my humble opinion it serves up his greatest works to date. I would go as far to say that Caduceus Chalice is the best release of any black metal band from 2010, this is seriously that good to me. The intro places you right into the heart of the dark and brooding nature that is the nocturnal state of being, flowing into the hymn to Hallows Eve, Forest Samhain... which is aesthetically perfect to a person like me. The most immersive track on the album, however, is the closer... Chalice, which offers 20 minutes worth of the most hollow and crawling opus to the tools of the arte magickal. I would honestly wake up in the morning to put headphones on, walk through the woods listening to the song Chalice, all while smoking a fat spliff to match... all while absorbing the beauty of the microcosm within and the macrocosm without. This is essential to all fans of occult black metal, to those who live and die to merely dwell among the mists and the fog.

1. In Shadow
2. Forest Samhain
3. Beneath
4. Monastery
5. Caduceus
6. Chalice

Funeral Black

This is Bahimiron from 2002 with their first demo limited to 50 tapes and 150 cds. Bahimiron is a native black metal band from Texas, in all honesty I used to enjoy their latter material but as time progressed it became less interesting to me, going back and tracing their steps leads you to this gem. Funeral Black, for a lack of a better term, fucking kicks ass. This shit is real, pure, and raw black metal, and it rules. The quality is harsh and degrading the whole time, the most peculiar portion being the drums which are featuring heavy reverberation sounds from the crashes, the guitars are pushed way back and emerge from time to time, and the vocals are just fucking absolutely perfect. I was going to try to keep this post short and simple to exemplify how solid, and quick, of a demo this is, so without going on about it any longer just fucking get this, its fucking mediafire for fucks sake! You have nothing to lose. Mandatory.

1. Thy Cursed Flame
2. Funeral Black
3. Blood From An Open Wound

Funeral Black


Wolfshade is one man depressive black metal band handled by Kadhaas, from France, this is his second full length "Trouble" from 2008. Kadhaas plays a very distinct and instrumental version of epic depressive black metal, with the drums being programmed much emphasis is placed onto the guitars and this is exactly where he succeeds as the riffs here are emotive and top notch. The absolute winner and standout track is "La Mort", hands down. I can come back to that song in particular time and time again and continue to feel touched by its beautiful sounds. In summation, that's what this album sounds to me, I happen to relate these sort of melodies as being beautiful and sorrowful at the same time, maybe that's the key... either way this is an instant classic.

1. L'Etre
2. La Passion
3. L'Isolement
4. La Mort
5. A L'Aube Du Temps

Belial Arisen

Seeming as July had nearly passed without a single post here on Nacht und Nebel I decided to return from my previous post being Black Funeral to post some... more, Black Funeral. This release of Michael Ford, aka Baron Drakkonian Abaddon, in retrospect with everything he has ever done under this project (including the newest 2010 release, Vukolak, which is an outstanding comeback album) this has to be my favorite. What makes this so is the way these songs were produced, the drum machine fades in and out like it would on tape, the guitars are fuzzy and melodic, and for once the vocals fit into the music just perfectly and are at his most demonic state. The music was supposedly recorded in 1996 and sat around until the vocals were completed in 2000, another extra note about this album, the artwork was originally created for the band Abigor but it ended up being refused by the label and banned in Europe, thus landing in the lap of Black Funeral instead. I've talked about Black Funeral enough, so just fucking get this, now.

1. Infernal Majesty
2. Book of Belial
3. Antichrist Rising
4. Varcolaci
5. Lycanthropy and Flames
6. Light of Satanael
7. The Crimson Dragon