Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Grim Funeral to the Soul of this World

Grim Funeral is a black metal project from Spain handled by a single member under the name Grim Funeral. Lyrically and strictly this band focuses on death and purely that. The reason I enjoy Grim Funeral in relation to everything else out there anymore is the sort of evocative quality it has over me in terms of hitting that true black metal spirit I have come to love so much, the kind that has the mind wandering the windswept graveyards under a sepulchral moon. Some may find the bands title to be a bit trite, but for once I think it actually fits and deserves such a title and nothing more, nothing less. Definetly not the lo-fi black metal I prefer to promote here on this website, but this is worthy of your undivided attention regardless, consistently nailing through repetition that sickly morbidly obsessed lifless atmosphere I crave.

1. The Pantheon of My Heart
2. Funeral Pact of Eternal Silence
3. A Grim Funeral to the Soul of this World
4. Sepulchral Existence
5. Ω

A Grim Funeral to the Soul of this World

Under ein Blodraud Maane

This isn't going to be for everyone, so I will make this short and sweet... Manes were a black metal band from Norway, originally, yet have "progressed" into more experimental music in recent years. "Under ein Bloodraud Maane" (If I have to explain the title, your an idiot, okay?) was recorded in 1999 and stands as a monument for the band in terms of their black years. If synths turn you off, you might as well stay away from this as they are very prominent in the formula that is Manes, but for some reason I find them to be appropriate for such a project. May come off as typical to some, or even stereotypical perhaps, but there are some genuine moments to be found on this album and I implore a thorough listening before making any judgements.

1. Min Trone Står Til Evig Tid
2. Maanens Natt
3. Uten Liv Ligger Landet Øde
4. De Mørke Makters Dyp
5. Under Ein Blodraud Maane
6. Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer

Under ein Blodraud Maane (Part I)
Under ein Blodraud Maane (Part II)

Eerie Sceneries

I've been keeping an eye on this band as it has been progressing since the "Into Empty Spheres" demo, and I have yet to find myself dissapointed with any of it. Impavida appeals to me in a way most depressive black metal acts cannot, it pertains to my own aesthetic sensibilities behind obscure and strange, even eerie settings. This album is almost like experiencing David Lynch's "Eraserhead" for the first time ever, even doing so with the lights off as rain and thunder conclude the gloomy mood that these recordings set off. I think the logo is appropriate, even original...

There are too many excellent tracks on here to mention, I suggest anyone with a taste for pure melancholic despair to grab this, seriously. Not to mention, it's a mediafire link, you have no excuse... this is atmospheric strangeness infused with sadness so deep you will drown in its splendour. My ashes will be full of nails.

1. Into Empty Spheres
2. Dysmorphic
3. Dark Skies
4. Watching the World Through the Pale Eye of An Unborn Child
5. Ashes of Me
6. Traumata

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Tomb

Saatkrähe is a rather unheard of black metal band from France, "My Tomb" is considered as their first promo, and is an excellent one at that. The production quality on this demo is what sold me originally, it has that lo-fi brilliance that I have come to love within the black metal underground, everything sounding so fuzzy and distant it develops a certain sense of depth. Lyrical themes range from death, darkness, and Transylvania... perhaps typical to the uninitiated, but I assure you this album holds its own. I would recommend highlight tracks just now, but in reality I enjoy all four tracks nearly equally on this demo, it's just that goddamn good. When Crows are Croaking, however, really fucking gets to me for some reason and I find myself going back to that track a lot as of recently... there is some real anguish to be shared here. For fans of true and obscure French black metal.

1. My Tomb
2. Ravensfly Over The Lands Of The Dragon
3. When Crows Are Croaking...
4. Vlad's Tomb (Für der Graf)

Womb of Pestilence

This is the epitome of what black metal should sound like, frozen and necrotic with a relentless obsession with the infernal. Truthfully the best song on this album is Corpse-Altar-Light, which features a mind bending vocal performance as part of this distinct hellish "chorus", something I discovered whilst peaking on a potent LSD trip with some friends. Warloghe hails from Finland, formed in 1995, this cd was initially released as 333 hand numbered limited edition copies in 2003. The album as a whole is just brimming with Satanic attitude, and everything from the riffs, the drums, and vocals are spot on in terms of nocturnal atmosphere. I don't normally say this, but this album is essential, and absolutely mandatory. Most black metal bands wish they could be this cold, this is grim black metal perfection, Satan would be pleased.

1. Opened And Tainted Graves
2. Underneath the Seven-Fold Eye
3. Fires Burn Black
4. A Monolith Clad in Fog
5. Illuminating Void
6. Dark Spires Swirl in the Abyss
7. Corpse-Altar-Light
8. Lifeless Union