Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opus Eponymous

I bring forth Ghost from Sweden with their first full length from 2010, Opus Eponymous. Formed in 2008, Ghost have been writing and preparing this album from the shadows to finally unleash upon the world a deviously genius Satanic rock and roll record of highest caliber, one that is meant to target a different sort of audience than the already accustomed Satanic crowd that is the current black metal scene today. The band, which consists of several nameless "ghouls", have no shame in admitting their true intentions behind crafting such a brand of music that is meant to attract the rock and metal followers, as they consider their approach to be a subliminal form of brainwashing. Never before has there been a group of this stature and of this quality that speak clearly and communicate distinctly the messages of Satan, as every song featured on this album is oriented around witchcraft, vampyrism, death, Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil, overall. There are no screams to be heard and the music hardly ever gets fast or very aggressive, instead there is an almost pop like sensibility that induces that "catchy" feeling acquired from most mainstream music today, yet with a devilish twist. In terms of image and lyrics Ghost offers nothing beyond the realm of Satanism, which appeals heavily towards my taste and is the true drive behind my obsession with this band. Instrumentally the album has some psychedelic heavy metal moments and at other times sounds more like a link between classic rock and roll and early proto-black metal, the vocals are persistently clean and match the various guitar tones and pitches quite perfectly so I can't blame him for that, however this seems to be the most popular element that initially turns the listener off during their first listen. After digesting these songs once or twice it is extremely enjoyable to go back to this album time and time again with a buzz on to nod your head and sing aloud these utterly Satanic and memorable lyrics. Ghost have made it very easy to buy into their music, and I highly suggest you give Opus Eponymous a chance, it could very easily put you under it's evil spell, as it should. For the interview with Ghost, go: here. Don't take my word on what this band truly represents and stands for, read their own words for what they truly are, there are no secrets here... As rock and roll has always been coined the "Devil's Music", never before has it been so appropriate...

1. Deus Culpa
2. Con Clavi Con Dio
3. Ritual
4. Elizabeth
5. Stand By Him
6. Satan Prayer
7. Death Knell
8. Prime Mover
9. Genesis

Opus Eponymous

Blood Seed

Wolvserpent is an ambient doom metal project from Boise, Idaho, this is their full length, Blood Seed, from 2010. A relatively new band, they had just changed their name from Pussygutt to head into a more serious direction, a mutually agreed upon great decision. The atmosphere created by these two members is the equivalent to a heavy funeral dirge infused with glorious and epic overtones that creep into thick and twisted doom segments. A very dark and gloomy album with some Gothic influences to be found, between the two songs featured here the mood can swing from mournful, ethereal, mystic, macabre, haunting and even crushing. As far as new finds of this year are concerned, I'm hoping that Wolvserpent decides to stick with this name and continue to produce more charged tunes such as the rituals found here on Blood Seed.

1. Wolv
2. Serpent

Blood Seed


This is Detritivore from Norway, Detritivore is not a black metal band but rather a unique drone doom project with some ambient influences to be heard as well. Beyond the opening track this is an entirely instrumental release and a strong one at that, the first time I experienced this album from front to back I was heavily entranced and found myself adrift in a sea of my own subconscious. The term detritivore, also known as detritus feeders, refers to that of worms and other creatures that consume organic matter and aid in decomposition... quite appropriate. This is the album you've been looking for that you can completely zone out to and lose a good chunk of time without realizing it, as the tracks on this record are very successful at dissolving the consciousness.

1. Postludium
2. Lutring
3. Messe
4. Undergang
5. Pakt
6. Finale



El-Ahrairah are a three piece black metal band from Minnesota, I present to you their self titled demo from 2009. Lyrically, El-Ahrairah are inspired by native American folklore but revolve even heavier around the book Watership Down by Richard Adams, which is essentially a political allegory wherein rabbits take on an anthropomorphic role that involves a heavy usage of symbolism to communicate ideas of environmentalism and anti-authoritarian ideals. The actual sound on this demo is perfectly low passed and offers that genuinely comfortable tape sounding quality, the songs themselves are structured in a less orthodox fashion than most black metal on this blog. Noisey, yet fully capable of achieving those majestic tones beneath the fuzz and static.The emotive quality captured here is both provocative as it is utterly passionate.

1. Fauna
2. Flora
3. Llands


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Passages Nocturnes

Considered as a side project of Voqkrre, whom I've already posted here on the blog and features two members, Drakonhail is only one of the members, Dunkel. For those already familiar with the French vermin that is Voqkrre, you will surely notice the voice in these recordings, yet will be quite pleased with the variations of riffs featured here in these four tracks. Once you've listened to the entire first song and have finally fallen into the appropriate state of mind, my favorite song kicks in, Le Souffle Distant de la Nuit (The Distant Breath of the Night). This is the kind of stuff that has me coming back to French black metal time and time again, it's the attitude and the intentions of the artist. I can empathize with this sort of black metal, it's a shame I can't find his older material... get this.

1. Dans la Forêt aux Accès Ténébreux
2. Le Souffle Distant de la Nuit
3. Lorsque les Chants de la Nuit Émergent dans la Brume
4. Cold Black Metal Hymn

Passages Nocturnes

Beneath Silent Faces

Maintaining the same depressive nature of the previous post this is Elysian Blaze, another one man black metal band, this time from Australia. Beneath Silent Faces is from 2004 and has since been re-released with extra material such as the last track here, Despair. This is truly one of those albums to put you in the darkest mood and to keep you there for a long, long time. In this way, the songs and emotions crafted here on this demo are very successful in their ability to capture a truly macabre environment. Elysian Blaze has some great material beyond this demo, but there is a genuine unique quality to this one that I am really attracted to, a beautiful sadness.

1. Anvil Chorus
2. Prophecy of Misery
3. A Constellation of Souls
4. The Thorned Tongue of Requiem
5. Beneath Silent Faces
6. Dark are My Nights
7. Despair

Beneath Silent Faces

A Sermon in the Name of Death

Since 1995, Xasthur has been producing black metal here in the United States, based in California but as of recently has decided to call it quits. When it comes to Xasthur I feel as if the introduction isn't necessary, so I will spare the obvious, as it stands I have already chosen an unheard of and rare demo from his discography... hence there being no artwork to gaze upon. A Sermon in the Name of Death was a demo from 2004 featuring three beautiful and trance inducing songs in the vein of gloom and death. Each song on here is incredibly catch and can play over in the mind if it sinks in correctly, but if I had to choose a favorite, it wouldn't be hard and I would immediately go with the closer... The Funeral of Being. Most people haven't heard the song The Funeral of Being, just the album, and I've always cherished this little gem... maybe someone out there will enjoy it as much as I have these past six years or so...

1. A Sermon in the Name of Death
2. Soul Abduction Ceremony
3. The Funeral of Being

A Sermon in the Name of Death

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cold Ways

On behalf of the entity known as Malefic Mist, I present to you a split with Apathia, titled Cold Ways. Released in August of 2009, and limited to 333 tape copies. I don't care so much for the second side, but the first side of this split rules, hence where this review is going. A sir Mors Taetra from Italy is the sole individual behind this project, focusing on lyrical themes such as fog, winter, necrophilia, and depression, with a sound to match. The quality of this tape is fucking superb, as it obtains all of those warping and textural but subtle nuances that create the overall magic we have come to love when it comes to atmospheric demos such as this. A melodic but repetitive black metal demo that is as full of despair as it is necrotic anguish... A must.

Malefic Mist
1. Funebre Notte Di Ghiaccio
2. Lupi Nella Nebbia
3. Richiamo Di Nebbia Invernale
4. Inverno Di Zyklon-B
5. Lost Memories
6. Daylight
7. Lifeless
8. Sepulcrum
9. Daylight (Live)

Cold Ways

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ghremdrakk is a Belgian black metal band formed in 2002, Sterrenpracht is their first demo from 2005, the title translating to "Splendour of the Stars". This is another demo I could have posted months ago when I first started this blog, regardless, Sterrenpracht has to be one of my favorite demos. Without a lengthy introduction the album immediately kicks off with the highlight track, "De Sfeer Van Daath", a nearly thirteen minute journey into death and glory. There are some amazing moments to be found in this album, but I can't help to be so partial to the first song, there are two other tracks to follow that I find to be successful as well. With lyrical themes dealing with Satanic devotion and death worship, the focus of this group is very concentrated and pure, the way black metal is supposed to be. I highly recommend this album to all fans of black metal wide and far, especially those with occult interests and an undying devotion to Satan... As quoted from the text in the inlay: "Black Mystic Art Glorifying His Mystery And Embodying Sacred Darkness".

1. De Sfeer Van Daath
2. Doodsbidders
3. Geselvaart
4. Doorheen De Nevel Der Sterren
5. Nachtelijke Fanfare
6. Wegen Onzer God
7. Naar De Kring
8. Craeyeveld


Dawn That Shall Never Be Seen

When it comes to demos, especially those pertaining to the initial debut of the artist, you end up with either a mistake or an experience that stays genuine to the spirit it was meant to portray. In this case, Kadotus released this demo in 2002 as their first, and in my humble opinion it may as well be their best demo to date. Three really quick songs featured here, the first and last of which being my personal favorites, with emphasis on the final track. I've featured Kadotus earlier on this blog, but in retrospect I found this to be a better display of their sinister aura, a solid demo.

1. Vulture
2. Dawn That Shall Never Be Seen
3. Ikuisuuden Surma

Dawn That Shall Never Be Seen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sadly, I avoided posting this for the sheer fact that I can name about five different blogs that have already featured this, yet at the same time I have been listening to this demo for so long that I couldn't avoid it any longer. "Ungeziefer" is the only demo thus far for Cendres, a one man black metal project from France, Cendres is French for "ashes". This is a very trance inducing demo and accomplishes such through decadent atmospheres that range from warping darkness to beautiful isolation, in particular the outro to the title track is quite stunning. The album immediatelty catches you from the start, and the entire journey is filled with nightmares that are both rotting and breathing with sickness. This is seriously a must for fans of misanthropic and obscure black metal.

1. Aliénation
2. Libération de l'âme
3. Ruine
4. La troublante danse du pendu
5. Ungeziefer


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Thousand Lies

It isn't often that I post an album from this year, but considering how goddamn good this is, I have to introduce this 2010 release. Winter Funeral is a two piece black metal band from France, formed in 1996, this is their newest full length titled Some Thousand Lies. An idealistic display of French black metal that is both provoking and epic, if you can't hear the power behind these riffs, than you're... just an idiot, really. This is what I desire in black metal anymore, and honestly Winter Funeral really pulls it off and makes the whole experience shine with force. The inside of the booklet states: "We are nothing, nobody, we do not exist! Do not try to contact us!" Those words alone exemplify their worth, as the proof is here within these tunes, this is true underground the way it was meant to be... for Satan.

1. Some Thousand Lies
2. The Curse of Annihilation
3. Messe for a Mass Grave
4. Ceremonial Prologue
5. Ceremonial Part I
6. The One Against Christianity
7. Ceremonial Part II

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somber Deathwinds

Morthond is a one man black metal project handled by a figure known as Thorstadt, located here in the U.S., formed in 2001 this is his first full length from 2002 entitled Somber Deathwinds. Contrary to the majority of what I choose to post here on the blog, Morthond revolves lyrically around paganism and depression, yet the music featured on here is very suitable to the tastes of Nacht und Nebel. This is one of those bands that ride the fine line between black metal and depressive black metal in a way that is as adequate as it is appropriate. Originally I heard the title track "Somber Deathwinds" from the 2003 Empire of Hate/Morthond split, from which at that point I was sold, so I traced the bands steps backwards to discover this. The quality from the split is much more lo-fi, surprisingly, than this full length as the production is fairly clear. To me this is all about the title track, it's very catchy and simply beautiful to my ears... This release will be particularly favored over the black metal community whom enjoy tasting despair...

1. Prelude
2. Somber Deathwinds
3. The Wandering Apparition
4. Descending...
5. Lost in the Fog of Dissonance

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà

Surprisingly this is my first Moëvöt post thus far, and for those unfamiliar to the name Moëvöt or even the French black metal circle known as the Les Legions Noires, I bring you Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà. When it comes to Moëvöt you realize that not only is this an acquired dark taste but people either consider this to be one of an extreme, it either comes off as scary to some, dumb to others, crazy to few, and genius to the initiated... I happen to be the ladder. This particular demo tape was released December 11th of 1994, also referred to as "The Coma Tapes", there is also a 24 track version of this album (both of which are included). In my opinion you can't really go wrong with Moëvöt, and once you become familiar with his style, aesthetic, and approach, you will come to hunt down all of his demos. Yet with that said, if I were to make an initial sort of first impression on anyone dealing with Moëvöt, I am immediately finding myself leaning more towards this release than any other. There are some really amazing moments here, some of these songs are just pure gems. I absolutely and highly recommend at least giving The Coma Tapes a chance, this is the occult.

1. Der Glockenturm I
2. Reflexion/Abjuration
3. Yatr Mazagvatre Erbbedrez
4. Fin De Nuit
5. Tagesanbruch
6. Larmes Crepusculaires
7. Die Dämmerung
8. Yatr Vazbagraehbbe
9. Brumes
10. Nie
11. Der Glockenturm II

Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Nortt released this particular demo in October of 1998, Døden is slightly different than the average Nortt album, the main reason being the vocals featured here are whispered throughout and never does he exceed beyond this point. Furthermore, the production of this demo has a unique sort of dryness to it that is both hypnotizing as well utterly lifeless. Nortt is handled by one man, a Mr. Nortt from Denmark, perfecting his self proclaimed style of "pure depressive black funeral doom metal" throughout the years. The three bleak songs here, excluding the synth introduction, paint a bleak portrait of a dead landscape littered with tombstones in the autumn cold. In my personal opinion I give credit to Nortt for his sheer ability to drain the listener of all vitality and energy as opposed to the opposite. The time period this took place in, as well as the pure necrotic haze this demo offers, is reason enough for me to suggest this...

1. Dødens Indtræden
2. Døden...
3. Intethedens Morke
4. Evig Hvile


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Demo 1996

I first posted Bekhira in March with their last full length from 2005, I now return in August to introduce their original demo from 1996 to this blog. French black metal tends to have a certain style or specific aura to it and this demo is a perfect example of how well black metal can age, like some fine blood red wine. This to me showcases most of what I want to hear in black metal as it is absolutely brimming with Satanic spirit and determination, all the while pulsing with a melodic but glorious hatred. Keeping this a fairly short post I'll merely say that I highly recommend getting this demo and allowing it to rise within you so that it may stoke the fires of Hell.

1. The Grand Evil Spirit
2. Utopian Millennium
3. The Hunt of the Garwells
4. Gas the Christ

Demo '96

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Genevieve is one of those albums that has and will continue to stand the test of time for years to come. Velvet Cacoon is one of the more ambiguous and mysterious U.S. black metal bands that has been creating controversy and rumors, so many so and for so long, that tracking their history and getting into those details may become confusing when separating fact from fiction. Beyond all of the confusion and unnecessary personal details we eventually find the core of Velvet Cacoon as two beings based in Portland that go by the name Josh and Angela. Listening to Velvet Cacoon can be addicting, which is fitting considering their lyrical themes and overall intention is to create a drug induced atmosphere. With lyrical themes consistently being drug trips, the inspiration here is to create the matrix in which to get lost in during ones next plateau, and out of all of the bands going with this approach Velvet Cacoon has held the torch for some time now and with a horde of imitators following behind at that. I had to post this album, no this isn't new and no this isn't necessarily underground anymore, per say, but it holds a place in my heart that is full of nostalgia and brimming with empathy for the tones portrayed here. Josh has been known to say that Velvet Cacoon is an example of what happens to someone who does too many drugs, they have an album previous to this named Dextronaut, named after the drug Dextromethorphan which is found in cough medicines such as Robitussin maximum strength. Not to drag this on, but there isn't a bad song on this album, it is one of those albums you have to play from the beginning and allow it to consume you. I've said it out loud that if I ever had a daughter I would shamelessly be willing to name her Genevieve, listen to the song Genevieve and maybe you will get a glimpse at just why. This could be on my top ten list of black metal albums if there ever were such a thing, so without further adieu, please listen to Genevieve.

1. 1
2. P.S. Nautical
3. Avalon Polo
4. Laudanum
5. Fauna & Flora
6. Genevieve
7. Bete Noir

Caduceus Chalice

The entire time that I was basking in the solitude that only the North can provide, what was I listening to during my wanderings ? Moon. If someone were to literally ask me what black metal sounds like, assuming they have no expectations whatsoever, I could very well play a track by Moon to simply portray how I feel black metal is "supposed" to sound. Caduceus Chalice is the latest release for this Australian occultist, and in my humble opinion it serves up his greatest works to date. I would go as far to say that Caduceus Chalice is the best release of any black metal band from 2010, this is seriously that good to me. The intro places you right into the heart of the dark and brooding nature that is the nocturnal state of being, flowing into the hymn to Hallows Eve, Forest Samhain... which is aesthetically perfect to a person like me. The most immersive track on the album, however, is the closer... Chalice, which offers 20 minutes worth of the most hollow and crawling opus to the tools of the arte magickal. I would honestly wake up in the morning to put headphones on, walk through the woods listening to the song Chalice, all while smoking a fat spliff to match... all while absorbing the beauty of the microcosm within and the macrocosm without. This is essential to all fans of occult black metal, to those who live and die to merely dwell among the mists and the fog.

1. In Shadow
2. Forest Samhain
3. Beneath
4. Monastery
5. Caduceus
6. Chalice

Funeral Black

This is Bahimiron from 2002 with their first demo limited to 50 tapes and 150 cds. Bahimiron is a native black metal band from Texas, in all honesty I used to enjoy their latter material but as time progressed it became less interesting to me, going back and tracing their steps leads you to this gem. Funeral Black, for a lack of a better term, fucking kicks ass. This shit is real, pure, and raw black metal, and it rules. The quality is harsh and degrading the whole time, the most peculiar portion being the drums which are featuring heavy reverberation sounds from the crashes, the guitars are pushed way back and emerge from time to time, and the vocals are just fucking absolutely perfect. I was going to try to keep this post short and simple to exemplify how solid, and quick, of a demo this is, so without going on about it any longer just fucking get this, its fucking mediafire for fucks sake! You have nothing to lose. Mandatory.

1. Thy Cursed Flame
2. Funeral Black
3. Blood From An Open Wound

Funeral Black


Wolfshade is one man depressive black metal band handled by Kadhaas, from France, this is his second full length "Trouble" from 2008. Kadhaas plays a very distinct and instrumental version of epic depressive black metal, with the drums being programmed much emphasis is placed onto the guitars and this is exactly where he succeeds as the riffs here are emotive and top notch. The absolute winner and standout track is "La Mort", hands down. I can come back to that song in particular time and time again and continue to feel touched by its beautiful sounds. In summation, that's what this album sounds to me, I happen to relate these sort of melodies as being beautiful and sorrowful at the same time, maybe that's the key... either way this is an instant classic.

1. L'Etre
2. La Passion
3. L'Isolement
4. La Mort
5. A L'Aube Du Temps

Belial Arisen

Seeming as July had nearly passed without a single post here on Nacht und Nebel I decided to return from my previous post being Black Funeral to post some... more, Black Funeral. This release of Michael Ford, aka Baron Drakkonian Abaddon, in retrospect with everything he has ever done under this project (including the newest 2010 release, Vukolak, which is an outstanding comeback album) this has to be my favorite. What makes this so is the way these songs were produced, the drum machine fades in and out like it would on tape, the guitars are fuzzy and melodic, and for once the vocals fit into the music just perfectly and are at his most demonic state. The music was supposedly recorded in 1996 and sat around until the vocals were completed in 2000, another extra note about this album, the artwork was originally created for the band Abigor but it ended up being refused by the label and banned in Europe, thus landing in the lap of Black Funeral instead. I've talked about Black Funeral enough, so just fucking get this, now.

1. Infernal Majesty
2. Book of Belial
3. Antichrist Rising
4. Varcolaci
5. Lycanthropy and Flames
6. Light of Satanael
7. The Crimson Dragon

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Journeys Into Horizons Lost

Black Funeral is a legendary black metal band from the United States, formed in 1993, being one of the first black metal bands to emerge from the states. Journey Into Horizons Lost is their first demo from 1994, it has that true demo quality to it in the sense that it sounds before its time, Black Funeral developed throughout the years into a much different sounding black metal band than what was featured here in this early 90's demo. The first major thing separating the old Black Funeral from the new is the vocals, which sound more like Bael from France, that being more of a shrieking and sinistral moaning approach that adds a little bit more of an essence of anguish or despair. Black Funeral eventually becomes a purely occult black metal entity focused around black magick, rituals, and vampyrism, this demo sounds more like Michael Ford, author of Luciferian Witchcraft, simply being influenced at an early age from the black metal he was exposed to at that time. However, none of this is bad in my opinion, otherwise I wouldn't be posting his premiere, there's something exposed here that is genuine and very authentic. Being a visual person I'm including two alternate versions of the album art for the tape, original on top:

This is a considerably short demo, I would recommend listening to it all the way through for full effect, that meaning give the intro a chance as it is surprisingly enjoyable and atmospheric. The rest of the album is straight forward old school black metal in the spirit of the forests, the ancient forests, the vast starlit sky, and the Lord Sathanas. I suggest giving this a chance and then progressing upward through the Black Funeral ladder. This is a classic gem...

1. Intro: Within the Ballinor Mountains
2. Into the Stars of a Blazing Past
3. Journeys Into Horizons Lost
4. Land Beyond the Forest
5. Armageddon (Lord Sathanas Returns)
6. Voice of a Forgotten Ghoul

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gates

Hate Forest is an Ukrainian black metal band formed in 1995. This is their fourth EP from 2001, the thing that separates this Hate Forest demo from all of the other Hate Forest releases is the overall ambient focus here in these two recordings. Some people may question my motives for even posting this demo when there are some legendary Hate Forest albums out there that I could have chosen, so I have to say that if I were to recommend an honest Hate Forest album for what they actually sound like then I would have gone with Sorrow. There are reasons for me to post this instead, though, that being the absolute atmospheric void this rarity is able to conjure up without vocals or any frills whatsoever. The album starts off with Where the Flame is Eternal which is entirely an ambient track that includes a rickety old gate being opened to wind, the crackling of fire, a muted synth layer holding down one bass note, and then fading into nothingness. The last track, and the meat and purpose of the album, is as precise as the title describes it, In Cold Empty Darkness. You have a repetitive riff that shortly after appearing falls into union with the programmed double bass of the drum machine, the song simply weaving in and out of this pattern accompanied by the occasional layer of an ethereal sounding keyboard. When this song is tired out it eventually fades into a monotonous single spaced out beat that resembles the beating of a heart and then it's over... I love this.

1. Where the Flame is Eternal
2. In Cold Empty Darkness

Caput Draconis

Rahu is a black metal band from Finland based on Vedic astrology and Hindu mythology, this is their first demo Caput Draconis from 2007, released on tape and limited to 100 copies. The last track on this album, Into Nothingness Drawn, is an absolutely essential listen and undeniably catchy in a pleasantly repetitive fashion. Their demo that followed this one, Ride of the Eight Black Seeds, is equally as enjoyable as this demo I just happen to prefer this one simply for the final song. Their minimalist picture and Lovecraftian looking album art caught my eye, but I've continually came back to this demo for some time now, and for a reason. As a whole though, this demo is really fucking awesome, nothing revolutionary just really solid occult black metal.

1. Amrit
2. On Ketu's Tail
3. Asuric Tempest
4. Into Nothingness Drawn

Caput Draconis

Monday, June 7, 2010

Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation

Durthang is a raw depressive black metal band from Sweden formed in 2004, this is their first demo released that year titled Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation. The quality of this demo is very lo-fi and very raw as I bothered to mention, this won't be attractive to everyone, it will either be a hit or a miss depending on your sensibilities. On the right day and in the right mood this album can really take you places and allow you to drift into a bleak and morbid atmosphere. I had to have been listening to these guys right when they started out because it has literally been years now since I've known about this demo, but regardless it's worth introducing it...for the melancholic, apathetic, and isolated heart of solitude.

1. The Embrace of Shadows in Bleeding Harmony
2. A Journey in Chains of Grief
3. Of Landscapes Shaped in Solitude
4. Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation


I'm posting this split album on behalf of the mysterious entity from Luxembourg known as Donkelheet. This split contains two songs, one from the German group Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and the other from Donkelheet, I shall only make reference to the latter. The song Emptyness, as it is spelled here, is a lugubrious and droning piece of depressive ambient black metal that is entirely nostalgic to my own memories. Everything is pushed back in the recording and the tape quality itself is poor in the sense that it crackles often, which in the end adds to the overall atmosphere present here. The element that originally attracted me to Donkelheeet was the assurance by just about everyone that you won't really find any other Donkelheet demos regardless of how many metal-archives has listed on their site, and they all look very appealing to say the least. The other thing I took notice in was that they had a bassist named Azrael Azrake who died in 1996, and a Mistrahas Morbidas who died in 2000... there's something about the death of a black metal musician that seemingly adds power and aura to their recordings.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
1. Underneath the Stars of East
2. Emptyness


Let There Be Darkness

Here is one of those albums I had been frantically searching now for years that I always assumed I would like but never managed to find it anywhere I looked. Now that I have finally discovered Let There Be Darkness by Omnia Orta Cadunt I knew there would be no way but to share this EP with the rest of the people here of like minded tastes. Omnia Orta Cadunt is a Russian black metal band driven by a single individual known as Carnifex, seen below, whom lyrically revolves around Satanism, evil, violence, and terrorism. After the brief intro, this album kicks things off immediately with the explosive track Golems of Satan, the riffs in this song really hit the nail on the head and the rest of the album follows adequately. There is some fucking cold and hateful black metal to be heard here on this EP, it's a shame it actually took me this long to find it, because I gaurantee I would have been listening to this ages ago if it were possible. Omnia Orta Cadunt means "Everything that came into existence, perishes."

1. Masturbating IHVH
2. Golems of Satan
3. Bloodlust
4. Creperum Noctis Aeternis
5. Hail Dictator!
6. Thy World Becomes Thy Grave


Considering I have already written about Todesstoss I will keep this fairly short, this is a 2006 demo known as Pantherwelle, and it just happens to be one of my favorite releases of his. As recently as 2010 the new full length titled Abwegnis 121 was released in which the first three songs of the album were mastered versions of this particular demo, a smart choice in my own personal aesthetic preference as Pantherwelle was always overlooked. All three songs on here are much different from one another if compared to eachother, yet each track is a pure success in it's own right and it's almost hard to pick a favorite in the end. I was originally drawn to the odd artwork here but in the end the music ended up serving much more than that in terms of quality and structure alone. Grab this demo, it's an overlooked experience that's stayed hidden for years and deserves recognition.

1. Pantherwelle
2. ...auf Abwegen (Rohfassung)
3. Die Ritzerin am Froschteich