Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dark Space III

Darkspace is an atmospheric ambient black metal project from Switzerland that revolves entirely around the concepts of deep space. Of the three members, Wroth, Zorgh, and Zhaaral, we have "Wroth" also known as Tobias Möckl of the masterpiece black metal project Paysage d'Hiver. Darkspace has just three full length albums which began in 2003, each song progressing in chronological order with the same track titles, Dark 1.1, Dark 1.2, and so on and so forth. This is their third album, from 2008, and in my humble opinion (and the sole purpose of this post) III is their best material to date. Being cautious with my next statement I will say, with an attempt to not say something irrevocable, that "Dark Space III" by Darkspace is nearly a perfect black metal album all the way through. Depending on your sensibilities this could be a masterpiece or a yawn fest, but if your heart and soul thrive in the darkness this might as well lyrically and conceptually revolve around evil, death, mysticism, necromancy, and the blackest forests. Saying Darkspace only writes about space is only relevant to ones perception, the feelings achieved while immersing yourself in these hymns is absolutely majestic and utterly glorious. The guitar riffs featured here are some of the most top notch examples of what black metal is supposed to convey, this is legendary and infinite, the sub zero temperatures of the void of outer space is empathised within this album. Without saying too much, let me just give this my highest recommendation, Darkspace is for anyone who enjoys truly massive atmospheres that are as timeless as they are epic.

1. Dark 3.11
2. Dark 3.12
3. Dark 3.13
4. Dark 3.14
5. Dark 3.15
6. Dark 3.16
7. Dark 3.17

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conspiracy Against Christianity

This is a split album from 1996, both bands are from Germany and play cold black metal. The main reason I am posting this is for the first band, Nightwolf, the only available material from this artist can be only found on this tape. The first real song is where it's at, "Twilight of the Night (Dusk)" really hits the nail on the head and achieves a very orthodoxical black metal feeling. Nightwolf really surprised me on this release and ended up being very epic sounding in my opinion. As for Ravenclaw, this is technically a side project of the vocalist from Moonblood, it goes without say that Moonblood was his superior project. Ravenclaw isn't bad though, in fact there are a few enjoyable moments by him on here as well (albeit somewhat slower than Moonblood and relying on programmed drums instead), but for the most part I wanted to share this album for the rarity that is Nightwolf. Also, the title track and literal split song shared between both collaborating bands ends up as being one of the albums highlights overall. For fans of raw sounding nocturnal German black metal.

1. Intro
2. Twilight of the Night (Dusk)
3. Kingdom of Hate
4. Night without Return
5. The Shadows of the ancient Fog are Rising
6. Dawn
7. Outro
8. Conspiracy Against Christianity (Split Song by Both Bands)
9. Destroyer
10. On the Throne of Fire
11. The Prophecy Comes True
12. Necromancy
13. White Pigeons Fly Nevermore
14. I Hail the Night
15. An Everlasting Fire Burns our Souls

Baphe Metis

Black Majesty is an occult black metal band from Norway, formed in 2005, this is his first demo "Baphe Metis" from 2007. Entirely shrouded in darkness, under a veil of death and the sigils thereof, everything offered forth on this album is the quintessence of evil in atmosphere. The psychological haunt of the sounds featured here is reminiscent of that familiar nostalgia received from watching an evocative horror film of an utterly dark aesthetic preference. Thematically Black Majesty deals purely with black magick and sorcery, if it were up to my choosing more black metal bands would align themselves within this form of lyrical content, this is black metal as Satanic ritual. This is lo-fi demonic manifestation, I'll leave you with the lyrics to track two;

"Flesh Altar Unfold, Before the horned portrait, Lit by a single black candle, Through a floating haze, Of incense, Hail Baphomet!, Let the human cranium, Which lieth before me, Serve me as a chalice, To drink the arousing wines, My altar has to offer, Hail Satan! I am thy church!"

1. Intro - Mount Purgatory Rises
2. Flesh Altar Unfold
3. Black Rituals of the Cain-Cult
4. A Sphere of Death and Crimson Candles
5. Through Deathwomb Daath (Ero Sicut Satanas!)
6. Le Possede (C. Baudelaire)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cryptic Temples of the Ancient Cult

Kathaarian is a raw black metal band from Germany, Crpytic Temples of the Ancient Cult is their first and only full length thus far. Kathaarian plays a very traditional form of black metal, with harsh and blackened screams over various harmonies and rhythms. There are no slow tracks featured on this album with the exception of the last song, there are the expected occasional breaks in tempo, yet it remains as a consistently aggressive and hate filled black metal tribute. Song after song they serve up very energetic and majestic riffs, accompanied by the blazing spirit of the wrathful drums being carried by the night winds. This is fucking cult black metal.

1. Fullmoon Rises
2. Murder
3. Black Abyss
4. Ancient Cult
5. Mayhem
6. End Of Mankind
7. The Cold Grip Of Darkness
8. The World Will Sleep

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ambre Zuerkl Vuordhrevarhtre

Bèlkètre of the infamous Les Légions Noires released Ambre Zuerkl Vuordhrevarhtre in 1996 as their last demo and then split up. Bèlkètre plays a very raw and lo-fi form of black metal, sometimes intensely fast and other times plodding to a more depressive beat. Themes of despair, disgust, and hatred truly shine forth from this release in a genius and authentic way, the sound here on this demo is unique enough to say that Bèlkètre is a one of a kind. At first listen this album may be confusing at points, but after some time to digest the contents you will find appreciation for the wickedness within the shrieking and you will succumb to the overall evil and loathsome energies presented in this demo. This album is a perfect example of these "gems" that I consistently mention here on this blogspot, this has been under appreciated and overlooked for many years now, and you've overlooked it long enough. To the Dark War.

1. Voarmtre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre
2. The Dark Promise
3. Demzreyavbtre Belketraya
4. Marbatreéèpreb
5. Aapr Dgyarveurtre
6. Brearmdreb
7. Damae, Dzlebaeryavtreéèpreb
8. Verhzleyavbtreleambreb
9. Eepreb, Vagezaryavtre Zuèrkl
10. Goebtrevoryalbe
11. Emvandreoatr
12. Twilight of the Black Holocaust

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paragon Impure

From Belgium came Paragon Impure, a now defunct black metal band who conceptually dealt with the personifications of evil. Before they split up they released two demos and eventually a full length, this is the compilation of those first two raw demos in all of their glory. Really consistent and energetic black metal fueled by blasphemous hatred, the guitar and drums are really top notch, the vocals always strained and cold sounding. This is really solid black metal, I highly recommend checking this out if you have never heard the name Paragon Impure, especially if you hate jesus christ.

1. A Man Of Karioth, Praised
2. The Ballad Of Judas Iscariot
3. Key To The Void
4. Where The Laughter Of Angels Is Inaudible

Paragon Impure

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shabattu, Danse Lunaire

Darvulia is a French black metal band formed since 1999, consisting of Kobal handling the vocals and all instruments and with Akhron on Drums, this duo pursues the route of occult black metal via witchery, drugs, and death. It goes without say that Darvulia are one of my favorite black metal bands, let alone the entirety of all French black metal out there with their abundance of amazing material that consistently comes out of that country, I could easily name a list of "favorites" that all originate in France. Shabattu, Danse Lunaire is Darvulia's second demo from 2001, it was still during this era that Darvulia relied on a drum machine, Darvulia eventually evolved and now involve highly talented drum work. The main thing that gets me in this particular demo is the guitars and bass, they are highly prominent in these recordings, and are especially nice during the title track. Entrancing you into a spell via the monotony of the repetitive beat and the wickedness of the morphing riffs, Darvulia can be compared to the likes of the Les Légions Noires, and can be associated accordingly. If you enjoy this release, this is more or less the beginning days of Darvulia, and unlike most bands today they actually got better through time. This is a true dark working of sinister intent and esoteric desire.

1. Pacta Conventa Daemononiorum
2. Ainsi soit-il
3. Shabattu, Danse Lunaire
4. La Sorciere Des Bois Opaques
5. Suellam

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spiritual Catharsis

Striborg is one of my favorite black metal projects out there today, hailing from Tasmania is a man that goes by Sin Nanna, he's been making black metal under the name Striborg since 1997. It's about damn time that I introduced this blog to Spiritual Catharsis, it's albums like this that are the true reason behind the creation of this page, this has been an old stand by for many years now and still holds that distinctively blackened aura that is Striborg. Some people who enjoy black metal hate Striborg, I don't really know or care why, the fact is Striborg is one of the oddest yet most innovative and creative one man projects and is able to capture and allure at the same time. Lyrically obsessed with ghosts, the forest, misanthropy, melancholy, magick, the moon, night... Sin Nanna creates spectral black metal in the darkest and most haunted of Tasmanian woodlands. Striborg has a huge discography, an expansive one that keeps expanding, Sin Nanna is one of those artists that just loves to continually record new demos as time progresses, there are a handful in there that I listen to all of the time. The reason I am posting Spiritual Catharsis is because of the memories I have attached to this album, as well as the overall aesthetic reached while listening to this album, it's the epitome of what I enjoy.

1. Grief and Trepidation
2. Within the Depths of Darkness and Sorrow
3. Beneath the Fields of Rapacious Blood
4. Glorification of Mother Nature
5. Spiritual Catharsis
6. The Haunted Gum Trees
7. Misanthropic Necroforest
8. Dicksonia Antarctica
9. The Radiance of Hate Emanating from Within
10. Black Metal is the Forest Calling...
11. Eternal Blackness Surrounds the Bushland

Tenebrae In Perpetuum

Tenebrae in Perpetuum is a black metal band from Italy, this is their first self titled EP from 2002. This demo is an utterly inhuman journey and is overflowing with ancient and mystic vibes, pulsing to the beat of the windswept mountains and the looming towers of solitude. The quality on this demo is very lo-fi but at the same time very shrill and very evil sounding, the levels are very appropriate and all instruments can be accounted for. Out of all the Tenebrae in Perpetuum releases this one has always stood out to me for very obvious reasons, it fucking kills. Get this now, it's absolutely mandatory, black metal for the occult spirit of death and night.

1. Condannato Agli Inferi
2. Tenebrae in Perpetuum
3. La Morte Ha Trionfato Su Piubago
4. La Fine Della Vita

Friday, March 12, 2010

Part II

Myrkwid is true black metal from Germany, handled by Malthökk, who owns Dunkelwald Productions. This is Part II from 2006, the reason this album starts off on Act 9 is because Part I led up to this point, Part II is relentless black metal Hell. Malthökk creates grim atmospheres of malevolent hate and dark macabre settings filled with infernal screams, lyrically ranging from Satan, nature, darkness, and death. Part II is one of those albums that can only be one thing and could never be mistaken for anything else but that, being black fucking metal. This shit is seriously cold and dark, created for those who possess a black heart pulsing with the Black Flame. For anyone who wants straight black metal from the pits of Hell.

1. Act 9
2. Act 10
3. Act 11
4. Act 12
5. Act 13
6. Act 14
7. Act 15

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hungrig durch die kalte Nacht

Trauer are a depressive black metal act from Germany, here I present to you "...hungrig durch die kalte Nacht", Trauer translating to Mourning and the album meaning Hungry by the cold Night. First off I want to point out the album art, I thoroughly enjoy the minimalist yet authentic approach at capturing an honest essence, the one that undoubtedly fuels this sort of blackened and melancholic art. There are some really beautiful moments to be had on this record, I've been listening to a ton of depressive and suicidal black metal bands the past few years, so much so that only the unique and impressionable ones in the end stood out. Trauer is definitely one of these bands, this album is memorable, and deserves a listen.

1. ...hungrig durch die kalte Nacht
2. When Grey Fades To Black... Take Parting
3. Mit einer Krähe Tränen
4. Ending World's Suicide

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is it, Katharsis really take the crown when it comes true Black Metal these days, hailing from the cold lands of Germany and formed since 1994. Through the years Katharsis have assaulted the world with their sonic terror and Satanic anger, in 2000 they released their first full length, that being none other than the mighty "666". Really it just boils down to the fact that some of my favorite Katharsis tracks and moments can be found here, their "Kruzifixxion" album always taking a close second place, to me songs like Thy Horror and Raped by Demons take the fucking cake. Try getting completely fucking wasted and selfishly blaring this into the night, this will awaken your spirit in a demonic fashion leaving you with a profound sense of hunger and lust. An absolute classic, absolutely mandatory, you need to get this and listen to Thy Horror now. Katharsis will swallow you up and spit out your bones.

1. 666 (Hohelied der Wiedererweckung)
2. Thy Horror
3. Raped By Demons / Massacrament
4. The Black Grail
5. Lunar Castles (Harvest)
6. Nazarene (Into The Flame)



Nebelborn was a side project of Drakh from Katharsis, Bannschlag was the last of the only two demos to exist and was recorded in 2001. This sounds nothing like Katharsis beyond the fact that the vocals are reminiscent or nearly identical, but structurally the music as a whole doesn't relate to Katharsis by any means, this is absolute lo-fi strangeness and an entirely seperate take on evil. This seems to truly be an experiment to Drakh, perhaps to expunge upon these sort of impulses that we have here, and I have to say I was particularly blown away upon discovering this demo this late in the game after claiming Katharsis as one of my favorite black metal bands for so long. The beginning of this demo really sold it for me, there are some odd parts here and there that may be difficult for some to digest but that is to be expected, yet there are also some heinously evil outbursts to be found as well. I really enjoy Nebelborn and I suggest you give it a chance if you enjoy the necrotic.

1. Intro
2. Stahl & Licht
3. Bannshlag
4. Reichskriegsmusik
5. Ghorab Therek (Crystal Dark Mix)
6. Der Wehrvolksleiter
7. Ein Schwarzer Himmel Mir Zum Thron
8. Chorealbegeleitung und Fuge E-Moll


Draco Sit Mihi Dux

Speaking of Orthodox Black Metal that represents Satan and the ideologies thereof seriously, in the vein of the metaphysic and accurately appropriating it within the realm of death, Ondskapt presents their first full length from 2003, Draco Sit Mihi Dux. In English the title of the album translates to "May the Dragon be my Guide", Ondskapt originate from Sweden, their name roughly means Being Created of Evil. Lyrically they are very interesting to read along to while listening, as I mentioned they are very morbid and continually death focused, to the point of where death becomes a subject of worship itself. The constant intertwining of talk about the Devil and passing through the gates of death alongside the looming and sinister hymns ever present in the layers of guitar truly creates orthodox sounding dark brilliance. This is a classic, the atmospheres here range from harnessing utterly Satanic energy and stretching it out into wails and commands, to collapsing moments of lugubrious despair wrapped in the fog of the dead. This has to be one of my favorites all around, in every aspect... Ondskapt's best.

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI

Friday, March 5, 2010


Galgeras, hailing from the Netherlands, is an occult black metal band lyrically revolving around black magick, murder, and desecration. Those that were destined to hang in the gallows is what the name Galgeras represents, it's the spirit of all that is vile, crooked, sinister, the heart of the eternal heretic wandering the earth. Hellegast is an absolutely mesmerizing dive into the tumultuous realm of the occult through a black vein of shrouded mystery. Emitting from these four songs on this demo is purely evil magick, black magick, for there is no other way of life for Galgeras, this is the one path. Lo-fi black metal that never loses that touch of mysticism, always guiding you to the light within the darkness. A truly undiscovered gem of a demo, essential.

1. Barashakushu
2. I see All
3. Night Beckons
4. Zwarte Magie handhaaft Karma

First Feast For Freedom

Furze is a rather unique and sometimes even odd sounding black metal project handled by Woe J. Reaper from Norway, Furze supposedly means "Farts" in German, much speculation runs behind the interpretation of this decision. First Feast For Freedom was his first EP released in 2000 after a series of four demos, for some reason I've always favored this album in comparison to his later works and find it to be the ideal Furze release. This EP features a very quick four tracks, all of them being very creative and innovative forms of experimental black metal, supposedly Woe J. Reaper spent three and a half years in the forest to add in further inspiration to his creations and to more importantly seperate himself from the rest. The end result is an extremely warped, almost sarcastic sounding at points, yet, with a weird sense of underlying sinister intention. Ultimately you're left with a drugged up experience of witches cackling and poisonous brew drinking, an esoteric journey into the heart of personal darkness manifest.

1. First Feast for Freedom
2. Zaredoo Knives Endows Thy Sight
3. Zeckra Stigma Diabolicum
4. Fresh Tea!

L'Élu du Mal

Bekhira recorded L'Élu du Mal in 2005 and limited it to 666 copies, this album is an absolute French classic to me, if we are going to talk about nostalgia here then this is it. For a relatively short period of time I was living in Florida near the Gulf of Mexico, going to school (pissing off all of the conservative assholes there) and absolutely drowning myself in black metal, Bekhira brings me back to walking the streets of the sunshine state and casting my hate upon the region. Regardless of how relevant that is to the readers of the blog (however few there may be) it is one of the reasons I share music here. Bekhira are majestic and captivating in their approach and set a standard for epic black metal in honor of the master, Satan. Highlight tracks include "Send Me Those Evil Words", and "The Devil and the Sorcerer", by far, I highly suggest this one.

1. Send Me Those Evil Words
2. Forgotten Nazarene
3. Medieval Deathcamps
4. The Devil and the Sorcerer
5. Impure Blood Shall Flow
6. Children of All That is Evil
7. A Thousand Demons
8. From the Most Devastated Lands
9. L'Ere Noire...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vinterrikets Konge

Skuggeheim plays a very fuzzy and distinctively decrepit form of lo-fi raw black metal in the spirit of the whipping winds of a cold Satanic Winter, both the literal quality as well as the emotive qualities found within these recordings take you to this ancient place. Skuggeheim maintains as a relatively new band to the growing scene yet is able to carry the torch of what they behold as the true old spirit of black metal from times lost, aligning within the expectations of what it means to be minimalist yet energetic and thoughtful at the same time. For fans of tape like quality who appreciate winter-esque black metal in bleak and relentless times such as this.

1. Med Slipte Oekser
2. Vinterrikets Konge
3. Symboler i Snoe
4. Avgrunnen
5. Ulvene Drar
6. Doedens Mellomakt

Vinterrikets Konge