Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is Detritivore from Norway, Detritivore is not a black metal band but rather a unique drone doom project with some ambient influences to be heard as well. Beyond the opening track this is an entirely instrumental release and a strong one at that, the first time I experienced this album from front to back I was heavily entranced and found myself adrift in a sea of my own subconscious. The term detritivore, also known as detritus feeders, refers to that of worms and other creatures that consume organic matter and aid in decomposition... quite appropriate. This is the album you've been looking for that you can completely zone out to and lose a good chunk of time without realizing it, as the tracks on this record are very successful at dissolving the consciousness.

1. Postludium
2. Lutring
3. Messe
4. Undergang
5. Pakt
6. Finale


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