Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blood Seed

Wolvserpent is an ambient doom metal project from Boise, Idaho, this is their full length, Blood Seed, from 2010. A relatively new band, they had just changed their name from Pussygutt to head into a more serious direction, a mutually agreed upon great decision. The atmosphere created by these two members is the equivalent to a heavy funeral dirge infused with glorious and epic overtones that creep into thick and twisted doom segments. A very dark and gloomy album with some Gothic influences to be found, between the two songs featured here the mood can swing from mournful, ethereal, mystic, macabre, haunting and even crushing. As far as new finds of this year are concerned, I'm hoping that Wolvserpent decides to stick with this name and continue to produce more charged tunes such as the rituals found here on Blood Seed.

1. Wolv
2. Serpent

Blood Seed

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