Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opus Eponymous

I bring forth Ghost from Sweden with their first full length from 2010, Opus Eponymous. Formed in 2008, Ghost have been writing and preparing this album from the shadows to finally unleash upon the world a deviously genius Satanic rock and roll record of highest caliber, one that is meant to target a different sort of audience than the already accustomed Satanic crowd that is the current black metal scene today. The band, which consists of several nameless "ghouls", have no shame in admitting their true intentions behind crafting such a brand of music that is meant to attract the rock and metal followers, as they consider their approach to be a subliminal form of brainwashing. Never before has there been a group of this stature and of this quality that speak clearly and communicate distinctly the messages of Satan, as every song featured on this album is oriented around witchcraft, vampyrism, death, Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil, overall. There are no screams to be heard and the music hardly ever gets fast or very aggressive, instead there is an almost pop like sensibility that induces that "catchy" feeling acquired from most mainstream music today, yet with a devilish twist. In terms of image and lyrics Ghost offers nothing beyond the realm of Satanism, which appeals heavily towards my taste and is the true drive behind my obsession with this band. Instrumentally the album has some psychedelic heavy metal moments and at other times sounds more like a link between classic rock and roll and early proto-black metal, the vocals are persistently clean and match the various guitar tones and pitches quite perfectly so I can't blame him for that, however this seems to be the most popular element that initially turns the listener off during their first listen. After digesting these songs once or twice it is extremely enjoyable to go back to this album time and time again with a buzz on to nod your head and sing aloud these utterly Satanic and memorable lyrics. Ghost have made it very easy to buy into their music, and I highly suggest you give Opus Eponymous a chance, it could very easily put you under it's evil spell, as it should. For the interview with Ghost, go: here. Don't take my word on what this band truly represents and stands for, read their own words for what they truly are, there are no secrets here... As rock and roll has always been coined the "Devil's Music", never before has it been so appropriate...

1. Deus Culpa
2. Con Clavi Con Dio
3. Ritual
4. Elizabeth
5. Stand By Him
6. Satan Prayer
7. Death Knell
8. Prime Mover
9. Genesis

Opus Eponymous


  1. Who are you, their publicist?? They sound like a throwback to 1971; a bunch of psychedelic LaVeyan groupies. Average musicianship, average and stereotypical lyrics, a 1980's image. I can feel Uriah Heep, and the Mercyful Fate influence, but its not good (the singer is certainly no King Diamond). All in all, a bit girly and a bit banal. Thanks for the post, but this lot suck.

  2. You are entitled to your own opinion, of course. I know that Ghost will not be a popular decision, especially in weeks to come as their name becomes more and more common to hear. However, my blunt honesty with my own sense of taste had me shamelessly share it with my audience, just in case that it could end up being more effective than the usual lo-fi black metal demo tape that I'd normally have posted.