Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Sermon in the Name of Death

Since 1995, Xasthur has been producing black metal here in the United States, based in California but as of recently has decided to call it quits. When it comes to Xasthur I feel as if the introduction isn't necessary, so I will spare the obvious, as it stands I have already chosen an unheard of and rare demo from his discography... hence there being no artwork to gaze upon. A Sermon in the Name of Death was a demo from 2004 featuring three beautiful and trance inducing songs in the vein of gloom and death. Each song on here is incredibly catch and can play over in the mind if it sinks in correctly, but if I had to choose a favorite, it wouldn't be hard and I would immediately go with the closer... The Funeral of Being. Most people haven't heard the song The Funeral of Being, just the album, and I've always cherished this little gem... maybe someone out there will enjoy it as much as I have these past six years or so...

1. A Sermon in the Name of Death
2. Soul Abduction Ceremony
3. The Funeral of Being

A Sermon in the Name of Death

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