Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beneath Silent Faces

Maintaining the same depressive nature of the previous post this is Elysian Blaze, another one man black metal band, this time from Australia. Beneath Silent Faces is from 2004 and has since been re-released with extra material such as the last track here, Despair. This is truly one of those albums to put you in the darkest mood and to keep you there for a long, long time. In this way, the songs and emotions crafted here on this demo are very successful in their ability to capture a truly macabre environment. Elysian Blaze has some great material beyond this demo, but there is a genuine unique quality to this one that I am really attracted to, a beautiful sadness.

1. Anvil Chorus
2. Prophecy of Misery
3. A Constellation of Souls
4. The Thorned Tongue of Requiem
5. Beneath Silent Faces
6. Dark are My Nights
7. Despair

Beneath Silent Faces

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