Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Passages Nocturnes

Considered as a side project of Voqkrre, whom I've already posted here on the blog and features two members, Drakonhail is only one of the members, Dunkel. For those already familiar with the French vermin that is Voqkrre, you will surely notice the voice in these recordings, yet will be quite pleased with the variations of riffs featured here in these four tracks. Once you've listened to the entire first song and have finally fallen into the appropriate state of mind, my favorite song kicks in, Le Souffle Distant de la Nuit (The Distant Breath of the Night). This is the kind of stuff that has me coming back to French black metal time and time again, it's the attitude and the intentions of the artist. I can empathize with this sort of black metal, it's a shame I can't find his older material... get this.

1. Dans la Forêt aux Accès Ténébreux
2. Le Souffle Distant de la Nuit
3. Lorsque les Chants de la Nuit Émergent dans la Brume
4. Cold Black Metal Hymn

Passages Nocturnes

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